Monday, 14 October 2013

30th Birthday Arsenal Cake

So the surprise that i couldn't mention a few days ago can finally be revealed..

This Arsenal cake was my big brother's 30th Birthday Present and although it took a lot of planning, time and precision it was definitely worth it!

The sponge was a plain vanilla made up with 5 eggs and it rose to around 10cm in the oven before being levelled-off. It is the highest risen cake i have made and am so glad it rose as much as it did!
The centre was filled with a layer of strawberry jam and plain buttercream and the entire cake covered with a layer of buttercream before being chilled for 2 hours and covered and smoothed with green fondant.

The next morning i printed an Arsenal badge picture from the internet and traced the separate shapes of the shield, cannon and letters onto greaseproof paper, this enable me to cut the icing in the correct shapes with a guide.
These were then layered onto the cake to create the main badge, i used white fondant to create the look of a 3-0 score in place of the number '30' and finished the design by piping green butter-icing around the bottom of the cake with a large star nozzle.

My brother was so surprised and loved the cake i am so happy to say!
They all say it tasted scrummy too!

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